Facebook’s never been one to fear changes in their product. Zucks doesn’t believe that you have to keep things the way they’ve always been just for the sake of keeping it the way it’s always been.

Last week Facebook announced they will be making changes to the newsfeed that prioritizes content from your friends and family and groups. Notice that they didn’t say “brand pages.”

That is leaving marketers scrambling to figure out what to do to reach their Facebook audience without paying for it using ads or boosted posts.

So here’s the deal:

Facebook wants brands to post engaging content (read: content that people will like, comment, and share) — not just content for the sake of content.

My recommendation for brands?

Post great content.

Brands used to be able to get away with just posting generic content on Facebook and getting likes, comments, and shares just because it was posted. This isn’t the case now, and definitely won’t be the case after these new changes take place.

Leverage Facebook groups

Facebook Groups have seen off the charts growth over the last couple years and it’s not slowing down. Brands can start groups around a topic and invite members to join in on the conversation.

An example would be an accounting firm starting a Facebook group for SMB business owners to discuss tax and financial strategies.

Groups get people to talk (like, comment, and share) and Facebook loves that engagement and posts that on people’s newsfeeds.

Use live video

Live video is huge. It’s a great way to show some personality on Facebook and engage with your audience in an off-the-cuff, yet meaningful way.

Facebook Live gets people talking – a great way to show up in your fans newsfeeds!

Increase your ad budget

Yep, you read that right. Even though this is a post about ways to increase your organic reach, you’ll probably also want to increase your ad budget. With boosted posts and Facebook Ads you can spend some cash and get your content right in the newsfeed of your target customer through Facebook’s absolutely insane targeting capabilities. It’s a great way to get in front of new people that don’t already follow you, too.

There ya have it – what I recommend doing about the newest changes that Facebook is rolling out. Wanna talk about what this might mean for your business? Let’s set up a call and we can iron it out for you.

PS: Don’t ask ask for comments and shares right in your Facebook post – they don’t like when brands do that.