Brand Story Tips For 2019

With each new year, there is an onslaught of articles that tell you what to do and what not to do when it comes to your marketing. I’ve read so many articles that are telling people to stop advertising on Facebook, to abandon Instagram, to stop cold-calling, to do this or that, or to consider rebranding.

I have also read the same amount of articles that tell you to do the opposite of that – to continue advertising on social, keep cold-calling, or stick with your branding.

So what is the point of this email? What am I trying to get at? I’m trying to shed light on something I see that is all too common. Marketing and branding is not a one-size-fits-all thing, yet when reading articles online we always are shown tactics and strategies that should be used (or avoided).

The issue with companies shifting their marketing and advertising strategy sometimes comes when the core brand story isn’t defined, not that their methods aren’t working. If you don’t know what you’re trying to say then how you’re saying it really doesn’t make much difference.

Without a compelling brand story that your audience can connect with, you are creating more work for yourself. Your messaging isn’t on target, your images don’t make sense, and your overall strategy seems disjointed.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

  • Take the time to sit down and outline what your business does, why it does it, and who it does it for to start to craft your compelling story.
  • Consider where your audience spends their time and how you can connect with them.
  • Take the time to audit all of your messaging across all platforms to make sure it’s cohesive and native to that platform (e.g. great images/design if used on Pinterest and short/snappy when used on Twitter).

A compelling brand story connects with your audience and deepens their relationship with your business.

Let’s make sense of the marketing mess that 2019 is offering us.