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A website audit is a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign, and something that we recommend doing at least every year. With how often the search optimization and online marketing world shifts, your website should be something that you’re consistently working on improving and upgrading.

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Benchmark SEO Assessment

To know where you need to improve, first you must know where you are. We’ll run a search analysis to understand where you’re ranking now for your target keywords.

Technical SEO Analysis

We’ll uncover those nitty-gritty details that affect search performance, such as broken links, 404 errors, mobile responsiveness, and speed issues.

User Experience

Without a pleasant experience on a website, visitors are less likely to ever want to come back and use it again. We’ll audit your site’s UX and provide recommendations on how and where it can be improved.

On-Page SEO

This section of the Audit focuses on questions that is focused on content: Does your site use optimized content, SEO tags, and URLs, Is the content substantial and informative, does your blog include SEO friendly metadata, etc.

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