There are a few times a year that marketers tend to rethink and improve their marketing strategy. It may be at the end of Q3 as they are planning marketing initiatives for the next year, it may be in the time leading up to “busy season” (whenever that may be) or around the time of an annual event like a conference, trade show or product release.

It’s always smart to review and improve anything you’re doing in your business. Things change frequently in business—they are an evolving thing. Competitors launch new products, customers interests shift, new platforms emerge, and the economy is constantly in flux. With all of those variables evolving and an ever-changing competitive atmosphere, you’d be silly to just assume your marketing program is working as effectively as it could be.

If you’re finding yourself thinking about your marketing strategy this spring, here are some “marketing spring cleaning” tips to keep in mind:

Review Your Marketing Assets

Most marketers have various marketing assets—from social media profiles to video and cut sheets—that they set-and-forget. Make them once and begin using them while they get to work on making new assets for upcoming campaigns.

The thing is, these assets often act as the face of your brand. Your social media profiles often are the first thing that people see, your cut sheet slicks are left behind after a sales meeting and your video is front and center on your website’s hero banner.

Ask yourself—do these assets speak to our company and our overall strategy? If not, this is the perfect time to revisit them and get them where they need to be.

But before you go all-out on redesigning and updating your marketing collateral and assets:

Think Like Your Customer

Before ripping into everything like a mad-marketer and redesigning everything from your perspective, take a look at everything through the perspective of your ideal customer. Are you answering their questions and speaking to their pain points or are you just listing features and harping on what is important to you?

How’s your messaging? Are you speaking their language or is everything filled with jargon and language that your audience doesn’t use or understand?

What about your imagery? Are your stock images starkly different than what may be familiar for your audience? Or maybe those expensive photos you commissioned (eight years ago, mind you) are looking super outdating and old nowadays. Just like in messaging, your imagery should feel “right” to your audience. Try to look at things from their perspective.

Tip: Check out UserTesting ( to have real people review your website and get feedback. This is great for completely unbiased opinions on things like messaging, user interface design, and content.

Don’t Work Off Assumptions: Check Your Analytics

Marketing is evolving. Today, marketing is as much about data and metrics as it is about sales, art, and communication.

Take this time to look at your marketing metrics. Dust off that Google Analytics account and see how your website is performing. Learn what marketing avenues are driving the best (not just most) traffic. Is it social media? PPC? Content marketing/blogging?

Take that a step further and look at what kind of content does best—the topics, the format, everything—so you know where to spend your time in the future.

Audit Your Best Campaigns

We’ve all had a campaign that outperformed our expectations or that is the stand-out winner in terms of ROI or leads gained. Dig into the why. What made that work the way it did? Chances are it was a mix of the “right time,” great content, and filling a gap in the marketplace, but you should look into specific reasons that it performed the way that it did. What can you learn from that?

Try Something New

Spring is the time for growth and renewal. Perhaps it is time for you to finally try that thing you’ve been kicking around. Maybe you have an idea for a video series or a podcast or have wanted to finally launch a specific PPC campaign or speak at a conference. Now’s the time to give it a real go.

Who knows, next year you may be auditing that campaign because it worked so well.

What are you waiting for?

Make the most of the spring and set up the rest of the year for marketing success. Every great branding and marketing campaign started out as a small idea that grew into what it became.

If you’re finding yourself stuck and needing some marketing assistance, grab a free call here or using the form below. We’d love to help you get where you’re going this spring.